Sale I Have 25 Hours A Day

I Have 25 Hours A Day

Judul : I Have 25 Hours A Day
Penulis : Mohd Daud Bakar
Penerbit : Amanie Media
This book is for those who have more things to do than the time to do them. This book is also ideal for those who always experience time deficits on a daily basis. Asked many times on how the author managed his time, he simply answered,
“I don’t really manage my time; I simply created more time.”
If you believe that time is technically expandable to provide the extra space for more goals to be accomplished, then this book is the book that you have long been looking for. You can make time expandable to your advantage. Many accomplished personalities do more and achieve greater triumphs not because they have more time than others, but they simply created more time.
The tips and secrets highlighted in this book are inspired by the true stories of the life-and-work style of one of the global Shariah advisors and entrepreneurs covering many cross border projects, responsibilities and initiatives. The tips presented in this book are easy to understand and to emulate (as well as to permute), as they have been daily (and hourly) tested in the author’s own life and leadership roles. The readers would just need to adjust these tips to suit their own personalities, professions, peculiarities, environments and surroundings.
Above all, this book is written by a practitioner and a realist, and neither by a motivational expert nor a theorist.
“I think I have created 25 hours in some of my days. I hope you can do the same too. There should be some ways to break this code of creating more time.”
The sensational Islamic finance new stories, anecdotes, perspectives and arguments relating to almost anything that hits Shariah scholars and Shariah advisory works in Islamic finance for the last 40 years.

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